Half finger jacquard gloves

Brand Name: CERF BELL Product Model: G1619-SSB Size: S, M, L Color: Black, Brown, Pink Sales Channel: Baoya in the province


Product desciption:
There are two ways for functional cloth to have the function of moisture absorption and perspiration. Adding moisture absorbent is cheaper, but the moisture absorption and perspiration effect will decrease with the number of washings. Using the original absorbent yarn, through the grooves of the special-shaped section, the sweat can be quickly absorbed into the clothes and diffused quickly. This feature is permanent and will not be degraded by washing.

product quality:
[Fabric] Back of Hand: 100% Polyester / Palm: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane / Cloth: Synthetic Leather / Lining: 88% Polyester, 10% Rayon / Filling: 100%

Warm Gloves with High Mobility:
・Keep warm and hot, a must-have in winter.
・It is weatherproof and rainproof.
・Easy hand movement and high mobility