OEM/ODM is a very strict and complex business that requires not only professional skills, but also service spirit and enthusiastic attitude.

Professional Knitting masters will carry out computer simulation drawing, machine knitting, and then the sample team will carry out pattern sewing, shaping and finishing, and create your products with Professionalism.

R&D &Manufacturing Teams

AIIM assigns in-company teams for each client to manage each business through design, development, sampling and manufacturing processes.

The team is responsible for tracking and supervising each link, so that you can rely on AIM to complete your order from the initial design concept to production and shipment.

Systematic Production

AIIM has always adhered to the systematic production of teams, and the Knitting, sewing and packaging operations are all managed by the team in a systematic way to ensure the production efficiency.
Systematic production means that in the process of manufacturing, setup standards and control the loss that may be caused by manufacturing, clearly describe the production process and quality control methods of various styles of products in the system process, and strictly implement each process to precisely achieve producting a variety of products. Because of systematization, the production of categories is stable, and it also saves possible losses to achieve environmental protection and carbon reduction.

Quality Control


The independent QC department; Report the Quality.

QC inspects all the procedure and follow the system standard.


Needle detect before shipment.

Make sure all products are passed.


Technology & Materials










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